Dhermi – Drymades Beautiful Beach


Welcome to best beach areas of Albania in Dhermi, the wonderfull Village of Vlora where you will find a safe accommodation and comfortable, you will find hotels of dhermi in this web-site where better information about conditions general terms of hotel you want to reserve in the beautiful village of Albania Dhermi. We propose different types of hotels and accommodation in Dhermi. Dhermi is a coastal village located between high mountain and the Ionian Sea, in south of Vlora, between Vlora and Himara. Due to its location, clean sea, sandy almost empty beaches and warm weather, Dhermi is fast becoming the number one place to be on the Albanian Riviera. Located in front of the sea and along the main promenade there are some bars, restaurants, cafés and two very good nightclubs that offer plenty of evening entertainment.

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