Enjoy a Relaxing Getaway In One of Thailand’s Many Tropical Beach Resorts

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I often sit at my office desk and dream about my next holiday experience; where it will be, with whom I will be enjoying it with and how long will I be able to go for? Especially during the winter months in my hometown my yearning for a nice tropical holiday increases and that is when I start doing my research and start searching for the next place I will be visiting. My last vacation took me to Thailand and I was fortunate enough to be gifted with an unforgettable experience which is the reason for why I am writing this article – I wanted to pass on my exceptional experience to others, to share with you what I found to be an amazing holiday, so that hopefully one day soon you can also enjoy the same – so long as a nice and hot beach holiday is your thing.

So, not only is the climate a nice warm average of 30 degrees Celsius all year round, but the people you will come across in Thailand are also nice and warm; their personality is of course what I am referring to. They greet you with a smile and a ‘Sawadee Krub’ which in Thai language means something like ‘Welcome’ or ‘Hello’ or ‘Good Day’ – they all seem so willing and happy to help and will do just about anything to make your time in the Kingdom of Thailand that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable. Then there is the food; they all seem to be amazing in the kitchen and there is such a variety of different dishes, spices and herbs for you to taste and I am not exaggerating when I say it will be an explosion of new tastes and glories for your taste buds to enjoy. If you are sensitive to spicy foods then you should take care though, as the Thai people do like to add a bit of a ‘kick’ to many of their dishes and even when asking the cook to make my dish only a little bit spicy I would always be handed a dish that would set my mouth on fire, so if you do not like spicy food, then be sure to make them very aware that you do not want any chilly in any of your dishes and even in those cases you might find that the dish comes back with a slight touch of spice. So to round if off you will be welcome by kind and warm personalities and you will not be left wanting for interesting and tasty foods as they have this all covered for you.

The Tropical Beach Location

I was recommended to try visiting a nice quaint, picturesque beach town in Central Thailand which is called Hua Hin. The town centre of Hua Hin in roughly a two and a half hour drive from Bangkok and about a 3 hour drive from the main international airport in Bangkok (Suvarnabumi Airport), although you can also take a small plane to Hua Hin airport which takes about 45 minutes. The town is beautiful and the people are the same, there is also am expat community that has set up their camps in Hua Hin for the same reason as why I enjoyed my holiday there so much – it is quiet, relaxing and not over-crowded, it certainly has not been spoilt by tourism as unfortunately so much of Thailand has. The beaches in Hua Hin range from the white sandy beach to rocky beaches and the sea is warm and calm year around – so you can find something for everyone. There is also much to do and see in the local surrounding areas and a variety of activities that you can get involved in if you are someone that likes to keep active. You can go on long mountain walks or take part in some Thai cooking lessons, there is also a stunning Thai Buddhist Temple located on a nearby mountain called ‘Monkey Mountain’ where you can enjoy stunning views of the ocean as well as risk feeding the monkey’s – be careful as they can get quite vicious if they are not getting enough food. The place I actually stayed was a short 20-30 minute drive from Hua Hin town centre and was located on a beautiful, private sandy beach in-between Hua Hin & Cha-am, and I would not hesitate to recommend the resort I stayed at to anyone as it was simply fantastic. It offered everything you would want while relaxing & unwinding on holiday, at the same time as offering a total getaway from normal day to day life stresses.

So, I took the advice of a friend of mine and stayed at the award winning boutique beach resort that is the Devasom Beach Resort in Hua Hin. You have the option of luxurious beachside villas or luxury, sizeable hotel rooms that offer sublime comfort and great sea-views from each room. The resort has it all and more – from a great restaurant, friendly staff, comfortable beds and even masseur’s on call or at their peaceful location. There is also a large communal pool that overlooks the sea and then you are a stone’s throw from the private, stunning beach. The resort offers promotions for people staying more than a couple nights as well as other seasonal promotions so be sure to check out the website for those before booking your stay and also they reward direct bookings through their own website rather than through online travel agencies, so you should certainly go directly to their site for the best deal and service. I enjoyed an unforgettable holiday while staying at the resort and I am confident you will enjoy the same, so take my advice and check out the Devasom Beach Resort in Hua Hin for your next break away from your normal mundane life and you can thank me afterwards.

If you are interested in finding out more about the resort I have recommended in the article above and perhaps even booking your room or villa in anticipation for a great, relaxing holiday, then you will find the website here

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