The Most Beautiful Beaches in Turkey

Turkey is a Middle Eastern country that lies between the western part of Asia and the Eastern part of Europe. Turkey is a cosmopolitan nation that welcomes citizens from all nations of the world. Sometimes, these visitors come to Turkey to unwind and their favorite spots are the beach resorts. These are the ten most beautiful beaches in Turkey.


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Cirali is a beautiful beach with blue seas and mountains with pine trees skirting it. The beach is more than a mile long and it is the home of the loggerhead turtle. You can also fnd a variety of citrus groves on this tranquil beach.


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The Iztuzu beach in Dalyan is also a home for nesting turtles. The white sand beach connects to a river that is fringed with reeds. The beach is also surrounded by cliffs which connect to the ancient tombstones of Kaunos.


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Alacati was formerly a Greek village. It is a popular vacation spot for rich Istanbulites. The beachside is very captivating with deep blue waters and white sands. The meals served at the upscale restaurants are very tasty. If you have enough money to splurge, you will certainly get the best feeling here.


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Alanya is a very enthralling sea resort. It is located around the foot of rocks which sit high on the Mediterranean and skirted by Taurus Mountain. You can take a boat tour around this beach to have a feel of the transparent waters.


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Side pronounced ‘See-day’ is one of the most beautiful resort areas along the coastline of the Mediterranean.  The waters are clear and perfect for sunbathing. If you want to take a break from the sun, the colorful parasols at the beachside will welcome you under their shade.


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Antalya is a deep blue colored water beach that gives off the Traditional Mediterranean vibe. The nightlife is awesome and you can get to shop from a variety of shops that are located very close to the resort.


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Kalkan beach, a bohemian style beach is a captivating sea resort located in a fishing village, Kalkan. The scenery of the beach features a picture perfect bay, a hillside and upscale restaurants. The sands are very warm and the lodgings very luxurious.

Oludeniz Lagoon

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Oludeniz lagoon is Turkey’s postcard. The name might not strike a chord but if you flip through Turkey’s tourism promotional magazines, you will not miss this lagoon. The Oludeniz lagoon is fed by the Dead Sea and it is one of the most pristine places in Turkey. You can swim in the azure lagoon or retreat under the lush vegetation for a stroll.

The Bodrum Peninsula

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The Bodrum Peninsula has an array of olive groves and cisterns designed in Ottoman styles. The rich and famous Turkish natives visit this tastefully designed beach resort. The music, food, bars and ambience are the reasons why lovers of all good things keep going back to this resort.


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Patara is the longest and most beautiful beach in Turkey. The sands are soft and very white; the waters are shallow and loved by kids. The beach is reasonably priced with top-notch facilities. You can rent beautiful umbrellas and sunbeds.

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