The Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

The exotic beaches in Vietnam were one of the hidden gems of the Southeastern part of Asia. As the country became more developed, visitors who thronged into different cities were able to discover these best-kept secrets. The stretches of powdery white sands on the bays of Vietnam are endless. For beach goers, there are numerous beaches which dot Vietnam that will make you feel like you stepped into heaven. Want to check them out? These are the most breathtaking beaches in Vietnam.

An Bang Beach

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An Bang Beach is located in Hoi An, and it is very close to Cua Dai, popularly called its ‘sister.’ This is a meeting point for expatriates in Hoi An. The beach has numerous beach bars sprawled across. Let us not even get started on the exquisitely landscaped gardens. If you love to sip a cocktail while sunbathing, head on to An Bang Beach. Swimmers who want to have a lazy day can take a dip in the stunning turquoise waters to let steam off. If you want to live a continuous cycle of ‘eat, sleep and swim,’ visit this beautiful beach and let the sun show you some love while you live.

Danang Beach

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Danang Beach has a troubled past, but nothing about the cobalt waters looks troubled. On the contrary, this region is one of the most peaceful places to visit in Da Nang, Vietnam. Danang Beach is a collection of beautiful beaches with transparent water and idyllic white sands. These postcard beaches feature soft white sands, healthy rays of sunshine, endless coconut trees lining its coastline and a lovely coral reef. This is one of the best spots for sunbathing, scuba diving and surfing. Sunsets in Danang Beach are to die for; you wouldn’t want to trade it for all the tea in China.

Doc Let Beach

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Doc Let Beach is located at Hon Khoi Peninsula. It is a choice location for those who love to have a great time beach-bumming. Doc Let Beach is a picturesque location in Vietnam, and the beach has powdery white sands that are lined by gigantic trees. This bay is loved by travelers who love solitude while getting some tan on their skin. This beach gives the perfect island vibe. Nothing beats the remarkable view of the azure waters that matches with the blue sky.

Nha Trang Beach

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Nha Trang Beach is located in Nhang Trang. It is also popularly referred to as City Beach. This beach is the king of Beaches in Vietnam. Many visitors love it because it combines the allure of the city with the vibes of nature. Nha Trang beach is filled with pristine soft white sands that form a curvature around the coastline and stretches on for miles. The coastline is surrounded by beautifully sculpted gardens and rows of prune trees that are indigenous to the area. The beach is the passageway to some stunning islands that can be seen from afar. The Nha Trang Beach is where you can find the Rainbow Divers. Rainbow Divers are the first PADI-certified dive centre in Vietnam. It is a perfect spot for surfing, snorkeling, banana boat rides and wakeboarding.

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