Top 10 Best And Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2017

Why people love to visit beaches? People love to go on seashore because there is so much fun, nature’s majesty, view of sky high, affordability and variety, games, and some sea food variety as well other things.

The view of seashore makes us relax and takes us away from all tensions and burdens of life because there is so much fun. Usually beach contains just particles of sand, cobblestones, pebbles, shingle but with lots of dignity of nature, reason why people love to spend their weekend, holidays on the bank of sea.

Today we will introduce you with Top 10 Best Beaches in The World that will definitely help you to learn about the natures most beautiful creations.

10: Bottom Bay – Barbados

World’s most attracting beach Bottom Bay, is situated on the southeast coast of Barbados and surround by high coral cliffs. Nonetheless, its panoramic view of the south shore forces visitors to come back. The presence of tall palm trees helps a lot in creation of relaxing atmosphere and remains one of the most-anticipated picnic points all the time. Calm loving people has been built their houses nearest the Bottom Bay just because nature’s majesty at the location. Turtles and whales traveling downside the water on the rocks make your swimming most relaxing.

9: Fraser Island – Australia

When people plan to visit Autralia, they must try to find out its beaches because there lots of stunning creation of God is there. The site consists of mangrove forests, coastal heaths, rainforests, wallum & peat swamps, sand dunes, and eucalyptus woodland, these bundle of nature’s beauty ranked its name on ninth place in Top 10 Best Beaches in The World. Fraser Island remains on top in Top 10 Best Beaches in The World and also known as a heritage-listed point that is placed at island in southern coast of Queensland, Australia. Fraser Island is located at around distance of 200 kilometers (120 mi) northern of Brisbane.

8: Puka Beach – Boracay – Philippines

There are so many so popular beaches all around the world but Puka Beach has iconic recognition just because of powdery white sand that also became especial place for locals who collect small puka shells for using them in construction of jewelry. Puka Beach’s water often tends to be a not bit rougher on this side of island but remain no little quiet all the time that what makes it most relaxing place.

7: Grace Bay Beach – Providenciales – Turks and Caicos

Grace Bay Beach comes on seventh position in Top 10 Best Beaches in The World just because of its elegance, shining jewel, white sand and all other remarkable things. Tourists feels honor to visit Grace Bay as it has rich variety of entertainment, relaxation, food, beautiful sceneries and breathtaking surf as well sand. You will find plenty of shops, restaurants and a golf course so close to the Grace Bay Beach. The nights of Grace Bay take every single visitor to another world of relaxation and fantasy too.

6: Nungwi – Zanzibar – Africa

Africa’s most eye-catching Nungwi, also known as Ras Nungwi, a largest village that placed in northern end of the Zanzibar Island, its beach side remains only attraction for all for swim, sunbathing, lemongrass massages, and tourists slumber. You will find wide range of mediocre paintings, huge collection of sunglasses and replica football shirts too. People turn to beach enjoying cocktails, music, bonfires blaze and other fantasy.

5: Lanikai Beach – Hawaii

Most-visited beach in the world which remains without crowd but it shows huge crowd on weekends, therefore, it is bit tough to discover parking near one of the public beach accesses that is why most people faces fines from $35 to $200 in case of violation. Huge crowd is seen during vacation seasons like summer, winter holidays. Its most beautiful background or sceneries, Lanikai has become of the most demanding platform for photo-shoots with slinkiest models all the year. Nonetheless, Lanikai Beach is also first choice for showbiz birds for dating, hence tagged on fifth rank in Top 10 Best Beaches in The World.

4: Maya Bay – Koh Phi Phi Leh Island, Thailand

Maya Bay is located in Ko Phi Phi Lee which is the second largest island of the archipelago in the Andaman Sea and linking to Krabi Province of Thailand. Maya Bay is famous for its majesty, stunning look and as diving point. Being a most attracting beach, filmmaker Danny Boyle elected this place for filming of his “The Beach” 2000. However, after the 2004s tsunami destruction, the authorities improved its look than past.

3: Bora Bora – Tahiti

Bora Bora is enclosed by a lagoon and a barrier reef and an island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia. It is placed at approximately 230 kilometers (143 miles) northwest side of Papeete. There are so many bungalows are available close to beach that deals at reasonable price best services as well basic accommodations as compared to other luxurious and expensive places. The Bora Bora comes on third rank in list of Top 10 Best Beaches in The World.

2: Maldives Islands

A tropical land Maldives is consist of 26 coral atolls, located in the Indian Ocean and tourism is thought to be the major economic business in the country. Vacation spot of the country composes of special hotels that deal at reasonable prices best services, placed on island. A large number of visitors move to Maldives Islands through the year, while its most dazzling landscape has attracted people locals as well others who has constructed its houses close to resort. The white sand and coral both appear about maximum approximately 2 meters tall above the sea.

1: Seychelles Island

One of the most attractive islands in an archipelago in the Indian Ocean that stretches out about 932 mi (1,500 kilometers) eastern side in East Africa. The Seychelles Island is also linking other island countries and regions as Madagascar, Mayotte, Réunion, Comoros and Mauritius. Seychelles Island is on first rank in Top 10 Best Beaches in The World because its most dazzling views magnetize those who love to visit beautiful locations all around the world, whereas, the government also has been paying full attention to make better condition of the Seychelles Island as tourists come to visit regularly. Its extra-ordinary sceneries, white sand, bundle of trees, plants as well hotels make it more stunning.

Top 10 Best And Most Beautiful Beaches In The World 2017


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