Where to find the most beautiful beaches in Lombok

Indonesia consists of around 18,000 islands, yet somehow most people visit either Bali or the Gili Gili islands and tend to miss out on the other islands. Lombok is a bigger island next to the Gili Gili islands and not as popular amongst travelers as it should be. Not only is it home to stunning waterfalls and intimidating volcanos, but it also has some of the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia.

1. Pink Beach (Pantai Pink)
Sekaroh, Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, West-Nusa Tenggara 83672
As one would probably expect, this beach has pink sand. As the color comes from some sort of algae which is not always present, the sand can sometimes be a normal yellowish color, or just have pink spots. However, most of the time the entire beach is colored pink.
Because Pantai Pink is rather difficult to reach, you will most likely not find any tourists around.
If Pantai Pink is not as pink as you wanted it to be, you can visit Pantai Pink 2 and Pantai Pink 3 – both are about a 30 minute boat trip away, but their color is even more intense.

  • How to reach Pantai Pink
    Pantai Pink is located on the Tanjung Ringgit peninsula in the utmost southeast of Lombok. Driving there on your own is almost impossible because the roads are of a very bad condition and can sometimes not even be described as roads. To get there it would be best to hire a local taxi driver or book the trip through a travel agency.

2. Mawun Beach
Nusa Tenggara Barat
Mawun Beach is probably one of the loneliest beaches in Lombok – there are usually not more than 10 people at the beach at the same time. The water is crystal-clear, the sand white, and it almost doesn’t feel real. If you want to swim or snorkel, make sure to stay at the outer rim of the bay because the current in the middle can be quite strong.

  • How to reach Mawun Beach 
    Reaching Mawun Beach is relatively easy – if coming from Kuta, just follow the main road until you see a sandy road on the left-hand side. Turn into that street and keep following it – you should also see signs directing you towards Mawun Beach. To be sure, ask the locals at your accommodation first.

3. Selong Belanak 
Nusa Tenggara Barat
Selong Balanak is wide, has white soft sand, and is very popular amongst surfers. Because it is rather well-known, you will find quite a lot of other people around, especially at the weekends. Don’t let this stop you though because this beach is really one of the most beautiful in Lombok.

  • How to reach Selong Belanak 
    You can reach this beach on your own, but because the route is rather complicated, make sure to ask locals in your hostel first.
    From Kuta, you basically just have to follow the main road going west for about 20 kilometers and then turn into a street on the left.

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