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If you’re looking for a slice of Cambodian Paradise, then you’re looking for the island of Koh Rong. Koh Rong is best known for its white sand beaches, coral reefs and relaxed vibes.

Any trip to Cambodia should include a minimum of 2 nights on the tropical island of Koh Rong, and I know just the place for you to stay.

Sok San Beach Resort is a unique timber style accommodation option, located right on Sok San beach front. The adorable timber style bungalows offer stunning ocean views, immediate access to the beach, free wifi, a range of activities (sea and land) and on-site restaurants and bars with awesome happy hour deals.

This is a complete review of Sok San Beach Resort.

Arriving at Sok San Beach Resort

As Sok San Beach Resort is located on an island off the coast of Sihanoukville, you will need to take a ferry out to Sok San Beach Resort. The front office staff will happily arrange this for you.

You can arrange an airport shuttle and boat transfer if you fly into Sihanoukville. Alternatively, you can meet the ferry at the terminal in Sihanoukville at the departure time.

Upon arrival to Sok San Beach Resort, you will be greeted with a fresh towel and cold drink, before being escorted to your room.

Staff will bring your bags to the room for you.

Accommodation at Sok San Beach Resort

Sok San Beach Resort is home to the cutest wooden style beachfront bungalows.

There are different accommodation types available at Sok San Beach Resort, ranging from seaside villas to standard garden view rooms.

Each type of accommodation has a private balcony and a private bathroom, most with ocean views.

Facilities at Sok San Beach Resort

Sok San Beach Resort has everything you need for a perfect stay on Koh Rong.

Key features include free WiFi, beach front seating and dining, an open-air lounge, restaurant and bar and a range of activities. 

Things to do at Sok San Beach Resort

While I recommend spending the majority of your time at Sok San Beach Resort soaking up the serene surrounding and taking some time to disconnect and relax, there are a number of activities you can partake in. All these activities can be arranged by the friendly front office staff.

Snorkelling and scuba diving: Koh Rong is home to some of the most pristine coral reefs in the world, so it’s no surprise that scuba diving and snorkelling are must-do activities on Koh Rong. The cost of snorkelling from Sok San beach Resort is $20 USD per person.

Island Hoping: If one island paradise isn’t enough for you, fear not. You can easily arrange an island hopping tour. You can choose between half day (45USD) and full day (65USD) tours which take you to Koh Rong Samloem Island and includes snorkelling.

Water sports: For the families and thrill seekers, you can arrange to go water skiing, wakeboarding or tubing on the crystal clear waters surrounding Koh Rong. Kayaking and sailing is also an option. Watersports start from 20USD.

Glowing Plankton Discovery Tour: You can experience glowing plankton on a nighttime tour from Sok San Beach Resort. This tour is only available at certain times so check in with hotel staff on arrival. Cost is $15USD for adults and $7USD for kids. 

Fishing Tours: This one certainly isn’t for me, but can be a lot of fun for others. Fishing tours are 20USD per person.

Tour the mangrove forest: Kayaking on Koh Rong’s Prek Tor Sok Mangrove River is a great way to explore and get up close to the wildlife and ecosystems. Tours from Sok San Beach Resort are $20USD for a single kayak and $15USD for a double kayak.

Treat yourself to a massage: I’m not going to lie. This may be my favourite option at Sok San. Why not relax when you’re in one of the most remote, serene places in the world. Massages start from $20USD.

There you have it, a complete review of Sok San Beach Resort, absolutely everything you need to know before visiting. Find out more here. 


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