Bride and Groom Get Major Surprise at Unlucky Beach Wedding

*See below (click "Show More") for answers to common questions…

Our (Slightly Exciting, Completely Unlucky, Hilarious) Beach Wedding:

2 minutes and 30 seconds in to the video, our luck really runs out as we encounter a major surprise.

Our romantic beach wedding was planned for October 2010 (the best time of the year at the beach we were told). Nothing went as planned. We laughed about the bad luck all weekend long.

To answer common questions: The groom returned the tux the next day and the wave segment happened 2 days later when it was sunny. He was in his finest sweats because that's what we had on hand. We planned to edit the pictures to remove the white from his pants. Had we known this would have happened, we would have kept the tux.

Also, the wedding dress survived. It was full of rocks (as the beach was more rocky than sandy), but was successfully cleaned and looks great!

And, no we haven't taken our honeymoon yet…

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